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Radin Services has been providing excellence in the industry for years. We specialize in every type of roof imaginable, no matter how unusual or specific to your needs it may be! With us by your side through every step-from designing a new addition to fixing up an old home -you’ll know that there are people who care about making sure everything goes smoothly as possible so all attention can go toward what really matters. Radin Services takes care of the entire Wasatch Front when it comes to roofing!

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How much does a roof cost to replace? That’s something that most homeowners will face at some point in their lives. A good rule of thumb is if it has been less than 10 years since the last replacement, then there may be an issue with leaks or other problems which can cause homeowners to attempt to make quick fixes that typically aren’t long-lasting or could cause further issues down the road. 

The average lifespan for roofs these days falls between 20-30+ years, but this also depends on where exactly your home resides and how often maintenance was done beforehand, and whether those repairs were ever appropriately completed.

The reality of having only one or two good years left on your roof is that you might be tempted to think of the best way to cut costs, but don’t worry. Radin Services has got this! We combine some of the finest materials and installation practices available today while keeping costs affordable so they fit within any financial range. Radin Services is committed to getting the job done professionally, efficiently, and ethically. 

Radin Services is your ally in the world of roofing. Whether you need fast repairs after a hail storm or it’s finally time to replace an old roof, depend on Radin Services for all things roofing!

Does Your

Roof Need to Be Replaced?

You may be wondering how to even know when it’s time for your roof to be replaced. While that isn’t always easy to decipher with an untrained eye, here are a few signs that indicate your roof is in need of a replacement:

  • Age of your roof – Is your roof more than 20 years old? It’s time to consider a replacement. Contact our residential contractors for an inspection and we’ll let you know what shape it’s in, as well as how much longer it’s expected to last before needing immediate attention.
  • Leaks have been noticedThere are many signs that can indicate roof leaks, but you might not notice them right away. Look for areas where insulation is wet or black with mold in your attic and get professional help immediately if needed.
  • Shingles that are missing, cracked, or curled – You should consider getting a new roof if you notice any of the following signs on your shingles: curling, cracking, or shedding granules. With time, these old roofs become less effective at protecting against damage from the elements, which is why it’s important for homeowners to have inspections done and address any issues sooner rather than later. 
  • Animal damage – When you think about the possibilities of what could be going on up in your attic, it’s hard to know where to start. If you’ve seen evidence of squirrels or raccoons in your attic then it’s time for a professional eviction! If it’s just some light damage, then it’s possible that doing repairs could solve the problem but if their presence has caused major structural problems, it’s time for a replacement.

Commercial Roofing Services in Orem Utah

Commercial roofing is a service that can be immensely beneficial to businesses in the Utah area. Whether you need an inspection or repair of your existing roofs we offer these services at competitive rates with quick turn-around times so as not to disrupt business operations! 

We have the commercial roofing expertise to take on any job, no matter how big or small. We only use high-quality materials in our industry which gives us an edge over other companies that do not utilize these top-quality products for their projects. When you choose Radin Services, we guarantee that your commercial roof will be the best in its class. We use only top-quality materials and tools for each job to ensure long-lasting success!

Radin Services can make your commercial roof more efficient and durable. Our skilled workers are trained to inspect, repair, or install as quickly as possible any type of structure that needs a new one! Whether it’s due to storm damage where you have some shingles replaced on an old building or if the extreme weather has made total replacement necessary for safety reasons-, we’ve got all tools needed with us so nothing gets left undone.

We’re a trusted local commercial roofing contractor in Lehi Utah that can help businesses of all types with their projects. From shingle roofs to metal, our team has the experience needed for any type of project you might need to be done! Our goal is simple: To provide outstanding customer service and time-tested craftsmanship while ensuring your satisfaction. No matter how big or small; we will do what needs to be done!


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Radin Services has everything you need for your next roofing project, from asphalt shingle roofs to metal roofing. We offer a wide variety of materials and styles that will suit any home’s personality or architectural features with our custom-designed varieties! Radin Services specializes in roofing, and we want to help you find the perfect material for your home. We have a team of experts who are able to work with homeowners so they can choose from many different kinds of roofs without any hassle or stress. 

If you’re not quite ready for a new roof but know repairs are necessary, then don’t hesitate to get an inspection or maintenance check from Radin Services. The sooner problems get caught before they become major issues the cheaper it will be and more time may still remain before any irreversible damage has occurred!

Your roof is mother nature’s first point of contact and can really take a beating. Whether you’re dealing with leaks or missing shingles, don’t put a minor problem off until it becomes one that can no longer be ignored! At Radin Services, we know your home is your safe space, which is why we are not only proud but honored to be your first stop for all things roofing. 

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